Stepping Stones is amongst one of the leading service providers that serve individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders and learning difficulties. Because Stepping Stones maintains very high-quality service provision, all therapists, regardless of prior experience, undergo intensive training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) theory and practice, along with other related treatment methodologies, prior to beginning intervention with clients individually.


Our intensive training consists of the following:

  • 24-30 hours of training in Applied Behavior Analysis theory;

  • 9 client overlap sessions (3 client cases, conducting 3 client overlap sessions for each case) under the supervision of a lead behavior therapist and/or a Case Supervisor/ Behavior Consultant.  Each session for each of the 3 client cases consists of the following:

    • Session 1 – Observation

    • Session 2 – Data collection (which is then reviewed by the therapist supervising this session, for accuracy)

    • Session 3 – 1:1 therapy and data collection under the supervision of a lead behavior therapist and/or Case Supervisor/Behavior Consultant. During this time, a therapy session evaluation is conducted from the individual supervising this session (for each of the 3 clients). Upon completion of this evaluation, it is then reviewed with the trainee.

    • Additional sessions per client can be included depending on further training areas of need based on the outcome of the therapy session evaluation during the 3rd session overlap for each client.

  • Scenario-Based Training (Role Play) with a Lead Behavior Therapist and/or Case Supervisor/Behavior Consultant.

  • Completion of a competency exam requiring a passing score of 80% or higher to then be qualified to implement services with clients; and

  • Certificate of Completion documenting all content of training and total training hours completed.

  • Monthly in-service training is provided to all staff, as a group, once per month.

  • Case Supervisors/Behavior Consultants receive individual supervision and group supervision once per month (each).

  • Staff undergo annual evaluations based on their job title/role that reflects their clinical performance and demonstration of skills relevant to all service areas provided since the start of employment or from the prior quarter’s evaluation outcomes. This is also to enhance each staff member’s clinical competency in the field and expand upon their professional developing while providing a top quality service for each individual client. Such staff also participate in ongoing professional development training.