ADH's Journey

I can positively say that Stepping Stones centre for autism spectrum disorder has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my further education and discover more about myself. After 2 years of being in the centre I feel that I am ready to encounter a job and that I am able to function independently. Stepping Stones has done a great job by supporting me and by bolstering my further career exploration.


“Stepping Stones made me a great and successful person and that’s important to success in life.”


After a successful relocation to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I joined the vocational and transitioning services in Stepping Stones. From day 1, I felt very comfortable around all the experiences educators in the centre. If you look at me now and 2 years ago, I believe there is an immense difference. Although you don’t feel like you are in a school environment, the skilled educators were trying to find a balance between fun and serious work and that for all the students of the vocational and pre-vocational classroom. The classrooms are rather small so students don’t feel the pressure they would experience in a main stream school. The various subject they teach you such as academics, art, budgeting, life development etc. were amazing assets I can carry in my future life.

During our weeks in Stepping Stones, all the students needed to take a break. The organization of the community outing every Thursday is done by the vocational students. It was really important and beneficial to go on these outings in order to have fun and to take a break from our hard work.

From my age of 15, I really enjoyed working with children as I started volunteering on a popular summer camp. But, I still wasn’t sure about my career development. I started looking for different job opportunities and Stepping Stones pushed me to think outside the box and delivered great support to think with me about my future. Now, I can successfully say that I want to become a primary teacher and that I can start looking for different opportunities. As I recently found employment (with a special thank you to Ms Anna White – Director of Vocational and Transitioning services – and Mr Farnum Farsio – Vocational Educator), I am really thankful the whole centre for the amazing and superb quality of education.