Dynamic Family Support

I wanted to thank all the staff at Stepping Stones.  It was so wonderful to be there today, and I was VERY impressed by the cohesiveness of your group.  It is thrilling to be part of your team, and the dynamic energy that resonated during the staff training today.  ”DB” and I are daily grateful for your devotion to serving “DS”, and all of the other children that are fortunate to be part of your program.  Additionally, the support you give to families allows us to help others that may not be as lucky as we are to have your services.  We appreciate all you do, and the dedication each of you, and the others, clearly devote to the mission of educating children with autism.  It is also clear that your training to the families helps us with our other children, as ABA is great parenting!

The piece I didn’t mention today, and had intended to, is how Stepping Stones has grown as an agency, continually improving your processes, including data collection, long and short term goal criterion, and staff training, to ensure maximum efficiency and development by both staff and clients. I am still feeling the good will that DS and I.