20 Inspiring People on the Autism Spectrum-Part 2

As seen in part one, many brilliant people have managed to achieve great success and even left an enormous impact in the world despite ASD. In some cases, it may have even been a part of their recipe for success by allowing them to analyze the world through a different lens. Here are ten more inspiring people to look up to:

11- Lewis Carroll: The author of the quirky classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is reputed to have been brilliant at whatever he did, but especially math and writing. He was also said to be a great inventor, and a restlessly creative mind. His eccentric behavior and powerful imagination have given rise to theories that point out that he in fact had ASD.

12- Stanley Kubrick: The acclaimed director of film classics like “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “The Shining” was known to be obsessive and relentless in his quest for perfection. He had difficulty empathizing with others but was a master of his trade as well as a decorated chess player. Sources close to him have pointed towards many symptoms of ASD as a cause of his behavior.

13- James Joyce: One of the greatest writers of the 20th century, Joyce inspired many generations of writers with his masterful use of language. He tethered between the modernist and postmodernist movements but excelled at capturing the essence of both. As a writer, he may have benefited from the obsessive nature and rigorous self-discipline that can manifest in those with ASD.

14- Temple Grandin: Named one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”, this inspiring Colorado State University professor did not begin speaking until she was four years old. She was diagnosed with ASD and was even recommended that she be institutionalized. She persevered and become a leading expert in animal sciences, as well as an ASD advocate. She has spoken about ASD and its obstacles in the mainstream and helped garner more understanding and acceptance for the condition.

15- Susan Boyle: Troubled by anxiety, and discomfort in social situations, the inspiring artist still sold millions of record-breaking albums, toured the world, and garnered thousands of fans due to her sincere and beautiful music. Her struggles resonated with her fans, and she has been able to reach them in ways that help their struggles.

16- Anthony Hopkins: One of the greatest present actors, Sir Anthony Hopkins has talked about his difficulty socializing in crowds or large groups of people. As society becomes more educated and aware of ASD and related conditions, high profile people like him have begun to open up more about their struggles.

17- Hans Christian Andersen: While his name may not be as easily recognizable as others in the list, his body of work is one of the most influential collection of fairy tales. Some of his best-known works include “Little Mermaid” and “The Ugly Duckling”. He was reported to have strange tantrums as a child, and great difficulty in social situations but especially in romantic relationships.

18- Tim Burton: The film director has produced some of the most easily identifiable children movies due to their originality but also engaging storytelling. New classics like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” wouldn’t be possible without his creativity and hard work. Yet, before becoming an acclaimed director, he spent his childhood as a recluse. This isolation may have helped hone his skill, as he spent a lot of his time painting, drawing, and in self-introspection.

19- Bill Gates: While it has not been confirmed, people have noticed that this pioneer of personal computing and Microsoft chairman has a distinct rocking motion while concentrating as well as a tendency to avoid eye contact. He is said to oftentimes be distant and not very sociable, but in spite of it all, he is a renowned philanthropist that crusades for access to health services and education round the globe.

20- H.P. Lovecraft: The master of horror is considered one of the most influential fiction writers ever, but recognition only came posthumously. Sadly, his inability to promote himself meant that he could not achieve financial stability, but he still managed to change the realm of literature for future generations.

So, next time you think about ASD as an obstacle, remember these inspiring people who have all left the world a better place and have made invaluable and inspiring contributions to humankind.

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