20 Inspiring People on the Autism Spectrum-Part 1

While ASD may pose some obstacles, many people who are on the spectrum can thrive and live extremely successful and fulfilling lives. Often, this is even a result of their condition, which spurs different approaches or better honed observation skills. As a matter of fact, some of the greatest minds have been discovered or suspected to have ASD. Here are 20 inspiring people from a variety of fields and backgrounds, in no ranking order:

1- Michelangelo: The master artist was said to have very peculiar repetition patterns. In his profession, they honed his skills and, in the end, allowed him to create some of the most important works of art known to mankind.

2- Satoshi Tajiri: He is better known as the creator of one of the world’s most successful entertainment franchises, Pokémon. While he does not publicly talk about his condition, he has confirmed that he has ASD.

3- Nikola Tesla: Overshadowed by many famous contemporaries, Tesla’s legacy has recently started to emerge and be revealed to be nothing short the work of a genius. His quirks and ASD symptoms have also been brought to light.

4- Emily Dickinson: The prominent American poet authored many original poems that broke conventional poetic rules of the time but exposed immense creativity and talent. She was described as eccentric and obsessive but is now revealed to most likely have had ASD.

5- Dan Aykroyd: A famous comedian, Dan Aykroyd also authored the script for ghostbusters and enjoyed a successful career in many other areas of the film industry as well as several other business ventures. He has shared that he has ASD.

6- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Mood swings, sound sensitivity, echolalia, echopraxia, and of course the creative genius to catapult the world into an entire new era of music, are all traits that define this musical prodigy who is now known to have had ASD.

7- Daryl Hannah: As well as working as a successful Hollywood actress, Hannah also crusades for environmental issues with fervor. She was diagnosed with ASD at an early age and her parents were told that she should be institutionalized. Despite all of this, she overcame her obstacles and lives a very successful life.

8- Andy Warhol: There is growing evidence that the father of pop art had ASD. His unique perception and approach to a growing popular culture was key in cementing him as a revered artist.

9- Albert Einstein: Einstein had an incredible mind, but also many of the symptoms of ASD. However, they did not stop him from creating the theory of relativity.

10- Thomas Jefferson: Often described as a savant, the brilliant political scientist and third president of the United States was also said to have been rigid, extremely shy, and unable to relate very well to others.

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