Signs To Lookout For When Deciding If School Intervention Is Needed

What is school intervention?

School intervention is a program for children who find it hard to concentrate in school due to various behavioral and communication issues. The program consists of:

  • Pre-referral Intervention and

  • Response to Intervention (RTI) based on the requirement of the child

In this blog, we will address the following questions:

  • How to decide if your child requires intervention

  • How to determine when your child will require intervention?

When is school intervention needed?

  1. Kindergarten: Children start becoming familiar with new words and recognizing family members, teachers, friends. They also begin to identify belongings like their bag, shoes, etc. Sometimes it might take a little longer when compared to other kids, but that is natural. The problem arises when they are unable to perform basic things like pronouncing words, not communicating with their classmates or finding it hard to make new friends, etc.

  2. Primary education: During primary education, the level of teaching is a little more advanced. There is basic elementary math, science facts and general knowledge. Though we cannot expect children to understand things in one go, if the child is unable to cope despite continuous efforts, then you might need to consider whether your child might require intervention

  3. Middle school: When children are in middle school, they typically have made quite a few friends, are able to maintain relationships with them and find it easy to make new friends. When your child is unable to keep things tidy or faces problems in expressing his/her ideas verbally in school or to his friends, you might need to check if they need an intervention

What do you do if you think your child might need an intervention program?

Before you go ahead and decide on the type of intervention your child needs, there are a few things you need to take care of as a parent

As soon as you realize that your child needs intervention, start making notes on your child’s performance and meet their teacher regularly to find out more about your child’s behavior and problems he/she might be facing at school. The record you make must contain information about your child's behavioral patterns, likes, dislikes, social activities, etc.

It is vitally important to stay in constant contact with the teacher. Keep an eye on your child’s performance at school not just in terms of academics, but also extracurriculars and their general disposition. How a child behaves at home varies greatly from how they may behave at school, and they spend a large part of their day at school, so it is important to not limit your notes to their behavior at home.

Once you have your notes down and are certain your child needs intervention, it is important to act on it and find appropriate help. Addressing these issues as early as possible will reduce the prospect of your child being faced with learning disabilities.

As discussed earlier, there are two intervention programs:

  • Pre-referral intervention

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)

Pre-referral Intervention: A pre-referral program aims to implement evolved and alternative strategies for education. A pre-referral intervention refers your child to special education. It comprises a team of teacher, parent, administrator, nurse, counselor and anyone related to the education department.

Response to Intervention (RTI): The intervention program in RTI is aligned with the needs of the child. It maintains high quality and category-based interventions. Children are examined and carefully observed, after which their academic and behavioral results are prepared. It follows objective and target based instructions to set proper expectations and provide the child with a better understanding of what to deliver. If the child still does not show signs of improvement, then a personalized intervention is done by a professional.

Do you have any questions about school intervention? We are happy to answer them! Feel free to get in touch with us via the comments section below.

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