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The following website is for ideas and concepts on learning about verbal behavior: (This website pertains to the preceding information)
Title: Introduction to Verbal Behavior Programming
Description: This is the first step in understanding the Verbal Behavior approach to teaching children with autism and related disorders. Our clinical staff and instructors have a combined experience of over a half century teaching and treating children with autism and other disorders.
The following are books and resources pertaining to verbal behavior in autism:


Unconventional Verbal Behavior, Echolalia, Gestalt Language


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Lakeshore Learning Materials (This website is for “Lakeshore Learning Materials” and has teaching materials and classroom tools used for early childhood, and all other levels and types of education)

Superduper Inc. (This website is for “Super Duper Publications” and they polish colorful, high quality materials for speech-language pathologists, special educators, teachers, parents and caregivers in educational, home and health care settings)


The National Autistic Society  in United Kingdom produces a number of magazines and journals.