What is counseling?

The way we think and perceive our surroundings determines our behavior. Counseling is a safe process to help treat various brain disorders. It helps individuals understand, uncover, investigate and change their thought process. A counseling therapist patiently listens to concerns and provides solutions that help individuals make better decisions in future.

Why counseling?

The cornerstone of change for an individual or family affected by any adversity is trust in the process of change. In most cases, families and individuals approach the counseling experience with trepidation. Social stigma and the significance most cultures place on self-reliance and privacy are often the initial barriers to accepting therapeutic intervention.


Relationships, communication and parenting are a few of the skills we, as humans, are expected to excel at naturally, without any formal education or guidance. The coaching and emotional support of a therapeutic relationship can help family members manage these struggles.

By talking to a counseling therapist, children can visualize what they want out of life and understand their goals. Counseling therapists provide individuals with valuable perspective that helps in improving their quality of life and cope with stress on their own.

Counseling at Stepping Stones

The Cognitive Behavioral therapy approach is often used in counseling, which we offer as a service here at Stepping Stones, as well.


According to the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, Cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, not external things, like people, situations, and events. This implies that we can change the way we think in order to feel and act better, even if the situation does not change.


Our therapists at Stepping Stones help clients understand the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Once this is established, our therapists further support our client in changing maladaptive thoughts, thereby changing the connected feelings and behaviors.

Our Cognitive Therapy Approach program has helped alleviate depression, stress and anxiety in children, and has helped them to adopt a healthy and balanced diet - all of which has worked towards boosting their confidence and self-esteem.


At Stepping Stones, our goal is to ensure that your child is able to communicate and behave in an age appropriate manner. No matter what your child’s age, it is highly recommended that you visit a counselor, as early as possible.